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How blockchain technology can benefit supply chain management

Disintermediation reflects the fact that no single party has authoritative control. Blockchain helps prevent fraud because participants “will constantly see and check each other’s mutations. Should someone wish to mislead the network, they would have to get each participant on board to get it done”, he said, offering the example of a group of insurers. Blockchain is not merely a tool to prevent fraud, however. Most unwanted changes are, the… Read Article →

Bringing Blockchain Technology to E-Commerce: Current Trends

While online retail sales have increased astronomically over recent years, in the online retail space, from shoes, to purses, and even to software-as-a-service (SaaS), retailers are facing challenges in the ways that they reach and satisfy customers. New Blockchain technology solutions are coming that will help to simplify the customer acquisition process, as well as help customers to make informed choices before buying. Retailers and returns We’ve all been there. You… Read Article →