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UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

1). Overlapping effects The overlapping of fonts, graphics and colors cannot only make UI designs more eye-catching and distinctive, but also create a sense of space. And that’s also why overlapping of different mobile app UI design elements has been widely used by designers in recent years. Moreover, in some cases, the overlapping of the same elements, combining with shadows, will also make the whole mobile app interface designs more… Read Article →

Visual trends to look out for in 2018

Dynamic Typography Typography has always been a huge part of design and has always been a long standing trend that won’t be going anytime soon. While typography has always been a huge part of web and poster design, animation is now combining with typography to create beautiful, flowing messages as another way to convey the message of the animation. Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to animating typography… Read Article →

3 Ecommerce Site Design Trends for 2018

 1. CSS Grid Layout Websites evolved from simple documents into complex, interactive applications, techniques for document layout, e.g. floats, were not necessarily well suited for application layout,” wrote World Wide Web Consortium editors in the CSS Grid Layout recommendation. “By using a combination of tables, JavaScript, or careful measurements on floated elements, authors discovered workarounds to achieve desired layouts. Layouts that adapted to the available space were often brittle and… Read Article →